Tattoo Removal

How much Does Laser Tattoo Cost in Miami

By Med Quest

What to know about the Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

The cost of removing the tattoo is directly proportional to the tattoo's size and the number of sessions needed for clearing the ink. Other things that influence the tattoo removal process's cost are the quality of the laser used by the facility and the expertise & credentials of the operator.  

1 Tattoo Size

Tattoo size is the leading factor that will affect the tattoo removal cost.  Here at Miami Ink off, we estimate the size of the tattoo by counting how many square inches the tattoo covers.

For more information on sizing your tattoo please visit our blog on What size is my tattoo?

Our pricing is very competitive, we have charged as little as 150 dollars to remove one square inch small black tattoo and as much as $2000 for an extra-large tattoo, which covered a full-back of a large 6'8" man.

2 Number of Treatments Needed

Many factors come into play when estimating the number of treatments required for the removal of a tattoo. These include the following: 

  • Ink color &  Ink composition-For example, plain black ink is the easiest to remove. Still, when our laser goes over any ink color combination containing white ink, that tattoo will turn black, adding treatment sessions to remove the black ink that was not there before the first treatment.
  • Professional Vs. Amateur Artist- Amateur (AKA Prison Tattoos, are by far the easiest and quickest to remove, some we have seen gone with just two treatments.  In contrast, professional artists tend use a tattoo gun to deposit a greater concentration of ink, while reaching deep within the skin, thus increasing the number of treatments.
  • Tattoo Location On The Body-  Tattoos closer to the heart or torso have increased blood pressure, thus speeding up the ink's removal.  Our experience supports this finding, and we have seen a chest tattoo clear in 4-5 sessions, while an ankle tattoo will take close to 10 treatments to clear.
  • Finally, The Age Of The Tattoo- Older faded tattoos take less treatments to remove

Our customers tend to average four to six appointments to remove black ink where the tattoo placement is on the torso, a well-circulated area.

For more info on why treatments vary, please see our blog on

3 Equiptment

The Enlighten laser at Miami Ink Off combines the longer (2 nanoseconds), and two distinct shorter (750/660 picoseconds) pulse durations in one system.

Besides, using sound ( non-thermal, photomechanical effect), not heat to break up the ink-you reduce the number of treatments. The sound waves allow the operator to use more power during treatments without causing damage to the surrounding skin,

This blend of  High Peak Power & Variable Pulse Durations functionality provides efficient, quick, and effective removal of ink and pigment density.  


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