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Why Miami Ink Off?

Miami Ink Off's uses the ultimate laser, Enlighten III- by Cutera  containing Picosecond & Nanosecond technology that allows us to:

  • Treat without Scaring
  • Treat All Ink Colors
  • Quick & Effective
  • Treat all skin color & types
  • Be Cost Effective With Fewer treatments   
  • Anesthetic Available for Painless removal Process  

Miami Ink Off is now able to quickly and safely remove the tattoo that no longer suits your image.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Yes! Tattoo Removal is now better than ever before. This is because of the new technology that has been recently developed in the last five years. With our Enlighten III Laser by Cutera, Miami Ink Off is now able to quickly and safely remove the tattoo that no longer suits your image.

Tattoo removal is the process of using a laser to remove ink from the top layer of the skin's surface. The Laser essentially breaks up the ink within your skin into small particles, allowing the body to absorb these tiny particles. Often, this takes several sessions, spread out over many weeks to fully remove the tattoo. During this process, the tattoo will fade more with each treatment.

The following are several factors that affect the tattoo removal process;

  • Color
  • Size
  • Age
  • Location
  • Skin Tone(s)
  • Level of experience of the Tattoo Artist
  • Previous Cover-Up Attempts

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The Importance of Wavelength & Pulse Speed

The tattoo removal process begins by emitting short and intense pulses of light onto the top layers of skin where the ink is present. The ink then begins to break apart and dissolve into the body. Next, the heat settings will automatically adapt to the parameters that are optimal for the size and color of the tattoo. Each color of ink responds to a unique wavelength of light. Because of this, only specific colors will react and begin to be treated, leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

Our staff will make sure that there is no residual scarring or permanent discoloration.

Since we know that tattoos and pigment are comprised of multiple colors, we must keep in mind that it will require numerous wavelengths to remove them effectively. The Enlighten III Laser features three fully-integrated laser wavelengths – 532 nm, 1064 nm, and 670 nm. The unique 670 nm wavelength shatters congenital or resistant pigmentary conditions and addresses challenging blue and green tattoos.

What is Nanosecond and Picosecond Technology?

There are two types of wavelengths that are commonly used for tattoo removal, and it is essential to realize the benefits of both through its different delivery systems. 

  1. Lasers using Nanosecond technology are more popular because they have existed over the last twenty years. The Nanolaser delivers a slower laser pulse at a nanosecond, which is one-billionth of a second. We use this Laser specifically for the lightening of the tattoo because it attacks and dissolves the large ink particles. 
  2. Lasers using Picosecond technology have become more in demand over recent years because they emit light at a trillionth of a second. This technology is only three years old and is used for treating the smaller particles of the remaining tattoo. This will help us prevent the destruction of the melanin, staining or hyperpigmentation of the skin.

These two types of technology complement each other when going through the tattoo removal process—allowing it to be more comfortable on the skin while limiting any scaring.

Another important thing to mention is that the Picosecond Technology will remove the tattoo in a shorter number of sessions because it delivers faster impulses of light. The Nanosecond technology is used only to dilute the smaller particles of the remaining tattoo.

About the EnlightenIII™ Laser here at Miami Ink Off

  • Our Enlighten Laser features three fully-integrated laser wavelengths that are effective in shattering congenital and resistant pigmentary conditions as well as challenging blue and green inked tattoos.
  • Through the course of a number of treatments, the Laser will dissolve the ink into tiny particles to be absorbed by your body. Because the Enlighten laser is faster and more effective than traditional methods, your tattoo is guaranteed to be removed in fewer sessions.
  • Aside from the Enlighten Laser, there are no other tattoo removal technologies that allow physicians and patients to choose pulse speed based on individual factors—allowing all skin types to benefit from the Enlighten laser.

How do we reduce the "Discomfort" associated with Laser Tattoo Removal?

Initially, before the treatment starts, we will offer a chilling gel or lidocaine cream that will limit the discomfort throughout the removal session. At the beginning of the treatment, we will begin with the Nanosecond laser that will start to remove all of the dark and potent areas of the tattoo. As we continue, we will provide ice packs to allowing the tattoo to heal and repair itself. Lastly, we will use the Picosecond laser to attack the thin areas of the tattoo and to break down the ink to a molecular level.

Reducing the chance of Skin Lightening

Before the Pico technology laser started being used, hypopigmentation or a "lightening of the color of your skin" was a common side effect of tattoo removal. Now the pico laser vastly reduces the odds of this occurring. One of the many benefits of the Pico Laser is that there is a quicker removal time between sessions because the skin was not burned as much. This is because the Pico technology only heats the ink for a billionth of a second, allowing your skin to heal in the meantime.

What you should know before booking a treatment?

If you are considering laser tattoo removal in Miami, our best piece of advice is to start by looking for a respected and reputable medical facility. This is important because after going through the Tattoo Removal process, you want to limit the number of complications to a minimum. Our staff at Miami Ink Off includes registered nurses and estheticians who have gone through rigorous training. Additionally, we would suggest educating yourself about the tattoo removal process, which contains the wavelengths and heat settings that will be recommended based on the color, size, age, and location of the tattoo.

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