Tattoo Removal

Why is Wavelength and Speed important when discussing Tattoo Removal?

By Med Quest

What is the effect of our Laser's
Wavelength & Speed before getting treated!

Why is Wavelength important when discussing Tattoos?

Our EnlightenIII™ laser features three fully-integrated laser wavelengths – 532 nm, 1064 nm and 670 nm. This allows for each ink color to respond to a unique wavelength. This guarantees that only a certain color is allowing the laser to emit heat and break down the tattoo. Allowing the rest of your tattoo to remain untreated, giving the tattoo time to cool down during the remainder of the session.

In order for you to have a pain-free experience, we must target certain colors in order. In between ink colors, we will provide a numbing cream or chilled gel to limit the pain from the heat of the laser.

Laser Speed and their Importance?

There are two types of laser speeds that are commonly used for laser tattoo removal and each has a different effect on the tattoo.   

Nanosecond Technology |  Importance of the Pulse Speed 

Nano Lasers or Q-Switch Lasers are known for delivering a slower laser of a billionth of a second. The Nanosecond laser focuses on lightening a tattoo by attacking and breaking up larger ink particles. Eventually, as the ink got smaller the laser could not effectively deal with the ink and started to cause destruction of the melanin in the skin, leading to staining or hyperpigmentation. That is why the following laser speed was invented.

Picosecond Technology | Importance of the Pulse Speed 

With our Advanced Laser Technology we have access to the Picosecond LaserThis laser has the ability to emit pulses of light at the trillionth of a second. Allowing the skin more time to heal which in return caused allowed the tattoo to heal correctly during course of the laser removal treatment. At this level, the laser uses more of a pressure wave, which is different than the Nanosecond laser that uses a heat wave to break up the ink.  

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