Tattoo Removal

How does laser tattoo removal work?

By Med Quest

Does laser tattoo removal work? The short answer is YES

Laser tattoo removal does work, but you must do your homework when shopping around. The following are the top 3 things you must do successfully to remove your tattoo.

First, The Laser used matters, do your homework about the tattoo removal laser. The current laser technology removes tattoos quickly and effectively, without any scarring on any skin type


The laser wavelength matters- Every color has distinct energy or wavelength that it reacts to. For example, black ink responds to the 1064nm wavelength emitted by the laser, while red ink responds to a 532nm. The Enlighten III laser used at Miami Ink Off has all the required wavelengths needed to remove all ink colors. For more info go to our blog post on wavelengths.

In addition, The laser must also have dual-wave pico & nano timing for the energy delivery. Our Enlighten laser quickly powers thru unwanted tattoos, using nanoseconds to destroy large ink particles while using the picosecond setting removes the smaller ink particles.

scared before & after tattoo removal Miami Ink Off 0015

Above is one of our first clients that was still trying to remove the ink particles even after being treated over 20 times. This old laser was not able to move the small particles.  
Once treated at Miami Ink Off with the enlighten laser, the ink is gone, but unfortunatelly the damage done by the other tattoo removal place is permanent.

In conclusion, laser tattoo removal works if you do your homework. So for your final step, check out what patients on google say about the tattoo removal provider your considering.

First, go to Google to review prior patient experiences. Once you chose a location, call for a consult. During the consult, request them to show you previous patients' tattoo removal pictures. Ask to see patients' results with similar skin & ink color to you.

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