Tattoo Removal

Top 3 Reasons Why Chose Enlighten™

By Med Quest

Enlighten™ III

surpasses all current Tattoo laser systems in the market today. No other system can compete with the Enlighten's ™ III Technology or its Outcomes.

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The Results our clients have received with the EnglightenIII Laser have changed their life on more than a few occasions. Our clients have explained that they feel liberated when the tattoo they have dreaded for years is completely removed. 

Three Benefits of the EnglightenIII Laser by Cutera :

1.   ENLIGHTEN™ III's Wavelength 

We are able to provide the highest absorption rate of today's most common ink colors  by being able to instantaneously choose in between wavelengths. This allows us to provide the most accurate tattoo removal process to date. Next, he Enlightens™ 532, 1064 & 670 nm wavelengths are chosen to remove the most extensive range of ink colors on all pigmentation colors. The 670 nm wavelength is powerful because it is the only true wavelength that effectively removes both blue & green tattoo ink.

According to Cutera, most tattoo's today are done in black, red, blue & green.

2.  Optimized Pulse Durations

Secondly, another one of its benefits is that it provides specialized pulse durations. This means that it is able to match the pulse duration to the particle size (or the ink). This allows the rest of the skin to heal while only a portion of the tattoo is being removed at a time. 

3.  Strong Powerful Delivery

Third, we are able to deliver an intense non-thermal photomechanical energy by combining high peak power and ultra-short pulse durations. This allows the unwanted ink  to begin to dissolve at varying skin depths without causing any skin damage to the surrounding area.

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