Tattoo Removal

Key Factors affecting number of tattoo removal treatments

By Med Quest

      Many factors come into play when considering how many removal sessions must be booked to remove your tattoo entirely. Our clients at Miami Ink Off tend to average four to five appointments  for medium-sized tattoos, which are roughly six inches in length. Please keep in mind that our highly trained staff will be able to provide a free consultation for the number of sessions if you contact us before you book an appointment. Below, you will find the most important factors to keep in mind when considering how many sessions you will want to book here at our office.

  • Age of the tattoo: Overtime, the density of the ink becomes less, and therefore older tattoos are easier to remove. For example, grandpa’s old sailor tattoo is faded as compared to the dark color when the tattoo was first placed.
  • Size: Larger tattoos typically take more time and sessions. A small finger tattoo will be easier to remove than a tattoo that covers the entire back.
  • Color: Darker ink is easier to remove, while lighter ink is more complicated, and white ink is unable to be removed because lasers do not recognize it.
  • Location: The areas of the body with less circulation are going to be more challenging to remove, which includes the hands, feet, and face. Anything on the torso is usually easier to remove due to higher circulation. 
  • Skin Color: For those with lighter skin tones, it is easier to remove tattoos versus those with naturally darker skin.
  • Cover-ups: If you have had a tattoo that has been previously covered by another tattoo, there will be a lot of ink concentrated in one area, which will require more sessions to remove. We have had no issues removing cover-up tattoos and continue to look forward to helping clients feel comfortable in their skin again.
  • Professional Work: If you have had any tattoos previously performed by a professional tattoo artist, there will tend to be higher concentrations of ink evenly spread through the tattoo. An amateur tattoo artist tends to provide tattoos with less ink, therefore, making it easier to remove.
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