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Miami Ink Off is all About painlessly removing any tattoo without leaving you any permanent damage to the surrounding skin.

Miami Ink Off is an offshoot of Miami Vein. Miami Vein started using lasers in 2003, under the direction of Dr. Jose Almeida, a vascular surgeon. 
Fast forward to 2016, Alexis & Stephanie Almeida became aware that trafficking victims often receive tattoos primarily as a distinctive mark to indicate a trafficker's "property." Thus the idea was born to purchase a laser to remove unwanted tattoos at Miami Vein and render services through Miami Ink Off.

In 2017, Miami Ink Off partnered with UNBND. UNBND is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization created to aid survivors of Human Trafficking. 

Today, Miami Ink Off has treated (at no cost) over 50 sexual trafficking victims, helping them start a new life without any marks on their bodies. In addition, we have successfully removed facial tattoos on gang members, allowing them to reintegrate into society. 

With Miami Ink Off, you are helping trafficked victims let go of markings they wish they did not have. 

Tattoo Removal For Human Trafficking

Miami Ink Off has successfully treated thousands of tattoos since the opening. Jasmin Vazquez, ARNP joined the Miami Ink Off team when it opened in 2016. Jasmine specializes in removing tattoos and lightening tattoos for recanvasing.
Jasmin's most treasured moments come from removing tattoos from human trafficking victims.

Our Medical Director

Jose I. Almeida, MD
a vascular surgeon who has been working with lasers since 1998.

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