Most Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How does Tattoo Removal Work?

At first, tattoo ink is treated by lasers that emit short and intense pulses of light. Now, with our new EnlightenIII laser we are able to utilize Nanosecond Technology which allows the skin too cool during the course of the procedure. This limits the amount of pain and recovery time in between sessions. Eventually, this will cause the ink to dissolve into tiny dust-like particles that are absorbed by the body, and eliminated through the natural process.

2. Are you wondering if
Laser Tattoo Removal
is safe for you?

Over the years our experience has allowed us to design a virtually pain-free method for getting tattoos removed. A major factor why is because the EnglightenIII laser by Cutera has the ability to instantly determine whether  Nano-technology or Picotechnology will be more effective. Allowing us to remove the tattoo with less stress on your skin, resulting in less recovery time in between sessions.

3. Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

We know that Laser Tattoo Removal has a reputation for not being the a pleasant experience. Thats why here at Miami Ink Off, we have made it our goal to provide a virtually pain-free experience. We are one of the only  licensed medical facilities that offer safe lidocaine injections for numbness. Our injection delivers instant numbness to the area undergoing the laser treatment. Thanks to our licensed on-staff physicians, we are not limited to the chilled gel and numbing creams you will find elsewhere.

4. How many treatments is common?

This will be different for everyone because each tattoo is unique and everyone has a different skin pigmentation. Basic examples of contributing factors are the size, color, type of ink used, and how old the tattoo is. Typically the number of sessions can range from four to six sessions. During our private consultation, we will provide both a price estimate and an amount of sessions that it will take for your tattoo to be fully removed.

5. How much time should I wait in between sessions?

In order to be safe we recommend a minimum of 6 weeks in between sessions to allow the skin proper time to heal correctly.
This will help avoid any burning or scarring. 

6. Can the laser remove
any color of ink?

Yes, with the Enlighten Laser by Cutera tattoos in any color can be both treated and removed. Typically, old laser tattoo removal machines have issues removing the color green and blue. We do not have this issue because we are using the latest technology on the market.

7. What is the risk of Scarring?

With any laser treatment there is a small risk of scaring; this happens because the layer of ink has to be heated in order to be removed. Our highly trained staff will be sure to use correct laser settings that is best for your pigment and skin tone which will reduce the risk of scaring.

8. What To Expect-
     During Removal?

At the beginning of your session, you will expect to be given our lidocaine cream which will numb the tattoo during the heating process. After the tattoo is being treated we will place ice packs to allow the skin to heal and cool down. We will continue to repeat this process until the end of the session.

 The tattoo will continue to fade and flush out with your natural body process. On average by the fourth or fifth session you will begin to see the tattoo that the tattoo is no longer there. Allowing you to feel comfortable in your skin once again.

9. What To Expect-
     After Removal?

We can guarantee that after just one session, you will instantly see improvement in your skin’s appearance. With time the tattoo will continue to fade and flush out with your natural body processes. 

10. What are the Key Factors for determining the number of treatments?

  • Age of the tattoo:
  • Size
  • Color
  • Location
  • Skin Color
  • Cover-ups (Ink will be Dense)

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