November 26

Nano – Pico Explanation for Laser Tattoo Removal


This Video Explains How Tattoo Removal Works with Pico & Nano Laser Treatments by Cutera EnlightenIII Laser Used at Miami Ink Off

Traditional tattoo removal technology uses nanosecond laser energy. This is just a fancy term to describe how quickly pulses of light are emitted onto your skin. The speed at which the light hits the skin produces heat, which fades the tattoo ink. Nanosecond technology is super fast, with light traveling at one billionth of a second.

The nanosecond method has since rivaled by that of picosecond technology. With light now able to travel at a trillionth of a second, resulting in faster removal and less pain. Both technologies target the layers of the skin tinted by the tattoo and causes those skin cells to break away. The body then absorbs the targeted skin cells through a natural process.

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However, each method has its pros and cons. The nanosecond lasers are great to break apart pigment on the more superficial layers of the skin, making it more effective for the removal of younger tattoos. However, nanosecond lasers are not great for the removing color hidden in the deeper layers of the skin. Conversely, picosecond technology is very powerful for the removal of coloring beneath the skin’s outer layers, making it more effective for removal of older than removal of younger tattoos.

The Enlighten laser tattoo removal by Cutera combines both nanosecond and picosecond lasers for tattoo removal. The laser was invented to leverage the strengths of both methods for the painless and easy tattoo removal. This technology is what we use at Miami Ink Off.

Tattoo Removal with the wrong Laser will cost you not only time and money, but it may also leave scarring!

Removing Ink in a timely & cost effective manner- Without any skin damage?

The Solution:

Thanks to the Enlighten laser, tattoo removal is quick and virtually painless at Miami Ink Off. The dual laser system allow for more effective removal with fewer treatments. The experts at Miami Ink Off guarantee that after just one session, you will see improvement in your skin’s appearance. 


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