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we remove tattoos faster 
with virtually no pain.  

Miami Ink Off's Revolutionary Enlighten™III laser by Cutera
Guarantees Virtually Pain-Free Tattoo Removal with a limited amount of sessions. Allowing you to focus on your dream and leaving the Tattoo Removal to our Specialized Team.

Pain-Free Results

Our tummecent anesthesia is guaranteed to minimize the discomfort
you feel during your treatment.

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50 %

With our Enlighten™III Laser by Cutera, the most advanced laser removal machine to date, we will be able to safely remove your tattoo in
50% fewer treatments than our competitors.

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Private consultation.

 Affordable Tattoo Removal  Treatments

When choosing Miami Ink Off you save money by reducing the number of sessions needed to clear your tattoo!

Take the next step in
removing unwanted tattoo ink.

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Private consultation.

Laser Tattoo Removal Process Videos

Tattoo Removal
Before & After Photos

Tattoo removal behind ears 3 treatments before after

Unrivaled Technology, With FDA-Approved Results

Introducing the Power of the EnlightenIII™ laser by Cutera. 

At Miami Ink Off, we use the most advanced laser tattoo removal system in the world, the Enlighten™III laser. The Nanosecond and Picosecond Technology it offers is what sets us apart from other tattoo removal locations.

 Our highly specialized staff can provide a laser tattoo removal service with no damage to your skin while you have a virtually pain-free experience.

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Take the next step in
removing unwanted tattoo ink.

Typically, people believe that removing a tattoo is not worth the pain or the time it takes.

However, at Miami Ink Off we believe that allowing people to be comfortable in their skin again is truly priceless.

We have been able to make laser tattoo removal a pain-free experience
due to the lidocaine injections that provide instant numbness.

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Are there any questions that we did not answer on our website? Please Call Us for a free and private consultation to have a better idea of how long it will be to fully remove your unwanted tattoo.

Our goal is for our clients to no longer feel need to cover their tattoos, allowing them too feel comfortable in their own skin.

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