Pico Genesis is a Quick and Effective Procedure for Removing Sun Spots, Age & liver Spots.

Wake Up looking both RADIANT AND CONFIDENT
with PICO Genesis™,  a quick 15 min laser procedure that gives you bright uniform skin tone by clearing all sun damage, age & liver spots with little to no downtime!

What can PicoGenesis do for you?

Every woman wants to wake up feeling like her best self, both emotionally and physically. Your confidence should carry you throughout the entire day, whether you’re showing off your swimsuit, hitting the gym, or enjoying a quiet evening at home.

We are proud to introduce PICOGenesis™ a 2-in-1 laser procedure with no downtime that allows you to look your very best any time of the day, while keeping your natural glow....

What Can you expect from Picogenesis?

  • Removal of Sun Spots and Age Spots
  • Brighter/Radiant Complexion
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Return Skin To Its Youthfull State
  • Optimal Results in as few two treatments
  • A Non-Invasive procedure with minimal downtime
  • Start to Finish in less than twenty minutes

What Kind of skin color does picogenesis treat?

Lucky for you PicoGenesis is effective on both light and dark skin complexations. Anyone looking to Miami Ink Off's Registered nurses and Estheticians have gone through extensive training in order to guarantee a wonderful experience for our clients.

“The PICO Genesis treatment uses ultra-short laser pulses to deliver a photo-mechanical shockwave that not only shatters the pigment, but stimulates remodeling in the upper layers of the skin, resulting in brighter more uniform skin tone in significantly fewer treatments.”

Turn Back Time

Our clients truly feel that they look both younger and healthier after just one treatment of dark spot removal or age spot removal. We believe that this procedure is perfect for anyone who is looking for a natural glow without any downtime.

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